The future of Ledglive.

TL;DR The core of LedgLive has been recently close sourced to allow direct revenue generation from LedgLive with additional specific attractive features as an incentive to keep the project going. Non core reporting features, caught up in the close, will be open sourced again.

Ledglive, https://ledglive.io, is written and maintained by John. LedgLive was described as “Open-source extensible journal to ledger recording and reporting for very small entities and individuals”. Following closed sourcing, LedgLive will soon be described as “Journal to ledger recording and reporting for very small entities and individuals”, however its description will change again as per below.

John decided to modernise some old private software he wrote years ago and open source it.

Leaving aside the LedgLive project itself, the purpose of the development exercise was to

  • Bring some software skills up to date
  • Carry these skills across to other hardware and software projects in need of modern database and UI techniques
  • Offer something that others might be interested in using and joining in with developing

Modernising LedgLive (which never had a name until recently) took up far more time than expected. It is functional. It still needs a lot of work. For example there are no unit tests. The biggest glaring absence is the lack of user documentation and user videos. Reporting is bare.

For John to continue to work on LedgLive, including writing manuals and producing videos, LedgLive needs to generate revenue. LedgLive pushes boundaries. LedgLive does not appear exciting. LedgLive does not need to appear exciting. LedgLive prioritises functionality over appearance. This takes an awful lot of work in a vacuum, far more than was originally anticipated and incentive is required to keep going. LedgLive is very far off from having a complete enough feature set to be considered sufficiently useful for general use. It is difficult to envisage LedgLive attracting sponsorship, it is difficult to envisage being paid to support users and it is difficult to envision anyone else being interested to work on developing LedgLive.

Ledglive needs to have features that are immediately and obviously attractive to a specific audience and it also needs to be promoted highlighting these attractive features to generate revenue.

After noting that there was no interest in LedgLive, which was not surprising since there was no promotion of LedgLive, no usable documentation and LedgLive has a vision that is awkward to promote, a decision was made to made to close source the core of LedgLive for expansion with a view to adding features attractive to a specific audience, that will not make promotion a waste of time and that will hopefully generate revenue.

Close sourcing has temporarily closed source reporting features. Reporting features will be open sourced again.

So while using LedgLive to directly generate revenue was not an original intention, the lack of interest, involvement and stake holders, whatever the causes, has now made this a necessary step to continue expansion.

This expansion is under way.

In the meantime, the release versions of LedgLive continues to be made available.

To promote LedgLive as it is released now, detailed videos are being made.

These should be sufficient for anyone interested to get going. Specific requests for more documentation will be listened to. Some more documentation about reporting features should be made available.

Videos on youtube

Links to video with subtitles documented and box marked areas documented:

  1. Video 1: Install and Start
  2. Video 2: Simple Ledger Entry
  3. Video 3: Simple Ledger Entry With GST
  4. Video 4: Complex ledger entry shared between entities and with consumption tax

or see Playlist on YouTube.